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Vision RC- 2.8 L 60-04 (Double Pot)

Vision RC- 2.8 L 60-04 (Double Pot)

BDT. 2,890

  • Vision RC- 2.8 L 60-04 (Double Pot)
  • Inner Pot: Double pot (One is SS pot and one is Aluminum)

    Power: Drum shaped, 2.8 Ltr. 220V- 50Hz, 1000W

    2 hole 6-6.5mm Plastic Handle Glass Lid

    Magnetic Switch and Thermostat

    MS Body

    Aluminum steel Steamer With plastic Handle.

    Built-in thermostat maintains heat at a precise and uniform level

    1000 W power which is very much enough for cooking rice in 15-20 min

    Heating element with coating for easy cleaning and Anti-dirty

    1.2mm Actual Non-stick Coating Inner pot, Base Board- Silver

    Antibacterial action in warm mode