VISION 32" Smart TV H-02S

VISION 32" Smart TV H-02S

BDT. 23,500

  • VISION 32" Smart TV H-02S
  • Code: 823119

    Item: 32" Smart TV H-02S

    Warranty: 4 Years Panel & Parts with 3 Years' Service Warranty


    Vidda Lite 2.0 operating system

    ADS Panel Technology

    Cortex A7-1 GHz* Quad core

    RAM-1 GB; ROM 8GB

    Brightness-220 cd/m2

    Analog & Digital dish signal

    Vewd app store

    Anyview Cast to share Mobile to TV

    Dolby Digital & dbx-tv Surround Sound 

    16.7 Million (8 bit) Colors

    USB  & HDMI supported

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